ahmedabad chennai weekly train

ahmedabad chennai weekly train train 6051/ 06052

Western Railway has start ahmedabad chennai weekly train via Vasai road.

ahmedabad chennai weekly train will run on Aug and september month weekly

Train no. 06051 MAS ADI Holdiay special Chennai central to Ahmadabad is running from Chennai Central (MAS) to Ahmadabad (ADI) on Saturady (Weekly). Train depart on 20:10 in Night from MAS and reach at ADI Station at early morning at 05:45.

Train no. 06052 ADI MAS Holdiay special Ahmadabad to Chennai Central is running from Ahmedabad Jn (ADI) to Chennai Central (MAS) on Monday (Weekly). Train depart on 09:40 in Morning from ADI and reach at MDI Station at evening at 17:10.

This holiday spl train 06051 will run from 03 Aug to 28 sep and 06052 will run 05 aug to 30 sep.

MAS ADI SPL train 06051 route

—- DAY 1 —

  StationCodeSch ArrSch DepDistance (Km.)
2AJJARAKKONAM9:23:00 PM9:25:00 PM75
3RURENIGUNTA JN10:30:00 PM10:35:00 PM144

—-Day Two —-

4KOUKODURU12:03:00 AM12:05:00 AM185
5RJPRAZAMPETA12:38:00 AM12:40:00 AM218
6HXCUDDAPAH1:18:00 AM1:20:00 AM269
7YAYERRAGUNTLA1:58:00 AM2:00:00 AM308
8TUTADIPATRI2:48:00 AM2:50:00 AM377
9GYGOOTY3:58:00 AM4:00:00 AM425
10GTLGUNTAKAL JN4:30:00 AM4:40:00 AM454
11ADADONI5:23:00 AM5:25:00 AM505
12MALMMANTHRALAYAM RD5:58:00 AM6:00:00 AM546
13RCRAICHUR6:28:00 AM6:30:00 AM575
14YGYADGIR7:28:00 AM7:30:00 AM644
15WADIWADI9:30:00 AM9:40:00 AM683
16SURSOLAPUR JN12:15:00 PM12:25:00 PM833
17DDDAUND JN4:10:00 PM4:12:00 PM1020
18PUNEPUNE JN5:15:00 PM5:20:00 PM1098
19LNLLONAVALA7:18:00 PM7:20:00 PM1162
20KYNKALYAN JN9:10:00 PM9:12:00 PM1236
21BSRVASAI ROAD10:35:00 PM10:40:00 PM1277
22BORBOISAR11:36:00 PM11:38:00 PM1328

—-Day Three—

23VAPIVAPI12:28:00 AM12:30:00 AM1400
24STSURAT1:52:00 AM1:55:00 AM1492
25BRCVADODARA JN3:33:00 AM3:38:00 AM1621
26ANNDANAND JN4:16:00 AM4:18:00 AM1657
27NDNADIAD JN4:33:00 AM4:35:00 AM1675
28ADIAHMEDABAD JN5:45:00 AMDestination1721

ADI MAS SPL train 06052 route

—- DAY 1 —

  StationCodeSch ArrSch DepDistance (Km.)
2NDNADIAD JN10:26:00 AM10:28:00 AM46
3ANNDANAND JN10:46:00 AM10:48:00 AM64
4BRCVADODARA JN11:35:00 AM11:40:00 AM100
5STSURAT1:45:00 PM1:50:00 PM229
6VAPIVAPI3:02:00 PM3:04:00 PM321
7BORBOISAR3:53:00 PM3:55:00 PM393
8BSRVASAI ROAD4:55:00 PM5:05:00 PM444
9KYNKALYAN JN6:00:00 PM6:02:00 PM485
10LNLLONAVALA7:38:00 PM7:40:00 PM559
11PUNEPUNE JN9:05:00 PM9:10:00 PM623
12DDDAUND JN10:20:00 PM10:22:00 PM701

—- DAY 2 —

13SURSOLAPUR JN1:40:00 AM1:50:00 AM888
14WADIWADI4:40:00 AM4:45:00 AM1038
15YGYADGIR5:13:00 AM5:15:00 AM1077
16RCRAICHUR5:58:00 AM6:00:00 AM1145
17MALMMANTHRALAYAM RD6:38:00 AM6:40:00 AM1175
18ADADONI7:09:00 AM7:10:00 AM1216
19GTLGUNTAKAL JN8:00:00 AM8:15:00 AM1267
20GYGOOTY8:44:00 AM8:45:00 AM1296
21TUTADIPATRI9:24:00 AM9:25:00 AM1344
22YAYERRAGUNTLA10:18:00 AM10:20:00 AM1413
23HXCUDDAPAH10:58:00 AM11:00:00 AM1452
24RJPRAZAMPETA11:49:00 AM11:50:00 AM1503
25KOUKODURU12:14:00 PM12:15:00 PM1536
26RURENIGUNTA JN2:20:00 PM2:30:00 PM1577
27AJJARAKKONAM3:33:00 PM3:35:00 PM1643
28PERPERAMBUR4:23:00 PM4:25:00 PM1712
29MASCHENNAI CENTRAL5:10:00 PMDestination1718

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