Axis banking etf

Axis banking etf enables you to pour some extra money in banking stock in a systematic manner.

Axis banking etf is an open ended scheme replicating/ tracking Bank Nifty.

Fund Manager : Mr. Aashish Naik

Why to choose banking exchange traded fund?

  • Bank nifty is a prominent indicator of nation wealth.
  • It constitute an important weightage in Nifty and sensex.
  • Banking stock are also major parts of Nifty and Sensex.
  • Its enables you to grow your wealthy in longer term.

Assest allocation make you understand how much money are going to invest in different instruments.

Axis banking etf invests 95 per cent to 100 per cent in Equity and 0 per cent to 5 per cent in Debts securities and money market instruments.

Entry load and exit loads are nil.

Minimum Investment : You can start SIP with just Rs 1000 or Rs 5000 as lumpsun and theirafter Minimum Rs 1000.

Go to  Axis MF Online or  Call at  8108622211

Obviously, If you are an equity investor and loosing money and still aspirant for wealth creation in longer period. You can start today with Axis banking exchange traded fund with least amount, just login to your demat or trading account, go to mutual fund section and search Axis Banking ETF.

Disclaimer : Investment in equity market are subject to market risk. So the nifty etf also. It’s price are fluatuate as per basket stocks go up or go down.


axis mutual fund
                                               axis mutual fund


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