how to clear web history chrome browser

Get best tips on how to clear web history chrome browser and enjoy hassle free internet browsing?

When you start browsing the internet, our web server start downloading files in system. And continuous internet browsing also make slow of high speed internet speed. To continuous fast working in system, it is better that you must give relax to your system every 3 hours for only internet browsing. Continuous use of internet make slow opening of files and website and you have clear web history chrome browser at least twice in weeks.

There are numerous way to clear web history chrome browser. I am giving a screen of for desktop computer using chrome browser.

Open chrome browser right click and near download a button is coming showing History click on this item now. Now two options will be appread as clear history and remove selected item. I normally use first item and new screen comes as below. Now I choose beginning of time where clear web history chrome browser upto this time. And my pc

clear-web-history-chrome clear browing data

faster like never before. But there are many option are there.

Browsing history – It delete all internet web site history

Download history – Files, images, videos you have downloaded

Cookie and other site and plug-in data – When you see any ads on any website or click on it. Then cookie is placed on your system

Catched images and files-  There are numerous file and image will be stored in your system when you watch internet.

Password- Google chrome browser give option to store password

Auto fill form data – If you unchecked some data such as user id and address when you sign-up you don’t need to fill full form again.

Hosted app data – If you install any offline apps such as offline Gmail and want to remove history. Then you can check it now.

Content licence – There are numerous of adverting company such Google, Yahoo, Bing, Chitika they place ads according to your web history. If you select this time they did not properly show ads on your previous search history.

Now you have learn how to select appropriate button for clear web history chrome browser. You must clear web history chrome browser at lest twice in week. Also remove unnecessary files and folder from desktop, remove all old download that you don’t have need today. The same option you can use in android, iphone, ipad and mobile devices.

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