Top creative ways to make money in 2020 online for blogger

Hey Guys! There are top creative ways to make money in 2020 online from blogger, word press, Youtube and much more. 

Get some creative ways to make Making money is too hard, but not impossible rather need a lot of hard work and a true online revenue partner. What if you are sucked to online writing there are many ways when you can create and published ebooks online, write articles for others but not succeeds.

1.Start a blog, put strength and SEO
2.Turn blog in to ebook
3.Own a website and sell it on auction
4.Sell spaces on the website
5.Create content, put ad sense ads on top, side and middle of blogs
6.Write products review and put amazon ads on the website
7.Affiliate banner are great for conversion
8.Educate everyone with online course on skills you have
9.Credit online store, Choose dropship and start earning
10.Create You tube channel

Everyone who want to making money from blogging in 2019 or continue to make money in 2020 there are some step by step way to get started

Start a blog, put strength and SEO

To get started you need a niche first, niche is broad word which means which type of ideas, service, post or content you want to publish into your website in a long run. The Niche must me less competitive, filled with keyword ideas and heavy experience you must have. 

Now you need a domain and website hosting. I recommend you to register a domain and website hosting for a longer term, because many web host make price higher after current plan billing. So you must buy a web hosting package longer than one year term. I suggest you to switch Go daddy, Blue host or host gator which are top of website hosting providers and choose only word press hosting.

SEO put extra strength, initially you can use Google Ads PPC for bring customer to website, set-up newsletter every time you publish the post and returning visitors comes to your website again and again. For SEO best practices switch to common seo practices which I explain in my different blog articles.

creative ways to make money from writing anything you are interested in.

Turn blog in to a Book

Every time you make a blog try to use a writing software such MS office, WPS office, Google Docs where you can store your blog online and save it for the future whether website become down. When there are some efficient post on your blog and you think that this is perfect time to turn your blog into ebook save your office documents and covert it in to pdf or epub publication. Now it is time to sell it on popular online market place. 

However, there are many choices you deserve such as click bank, Amazon KDP, Google book publishers, but I personally recommend you to publish ebook and paperback only at Amazon KDP, because there are numerous ways to earn money and advertising you can use amazon advertising, free book promotion, discount price sales and kindle unlimitedly for earn money for first time page reading basis. And they pays you after 60 days net.

Own a website and sell it on auction

In online auction people not just buy or sell physical goods but also digital goods. The domain and website are bought and sold exclusively in Godaddy, ebay and other online market place. For selling a website you need a domain which has high value in research, but changing Google SEO practices it become complex to sell the domain alone, you need to sell and successfully running website. You need to create a website, put some useful content for the visitor when there are some regular customer you can put it on auction.

Sell spaces on the website

When you have the website, you and visitor think you are not making enough money from blogging. It is better to sell ad space online to others. There are numerous partners who can buy ad space on your website. You can join Adhitz, buysellads, Affiliate by conversant where online advertiser see your brand, You set up your price and sell them every month. 

But all three network are different from each other. You can choose which one to show. You need a lot of traffic to website and In return you get monthly income for ad spaces on your website.

Create content, put ad sense ads on top, side and middle of blogs.

Google Ads is one of the best moneys making alternative for the online publisher. Where users can earn money through Cost per click and cost per view basis. However for new publisher CPC (cost per click) model is best. 

In Google adsense you need to apply through your website, after get accepting put adsense ads in Top of pages, side bar on the website a middle or content. But make some distance between images of the website and Google ads otherwise your account can be disabled.

creative ways to make money from Affiliate Marketing

Write products review and put amazon ads on the website

If you have writing addiction, it is best to write some product review and post amazon product images link into blog. Before writing some keyword research is needed, Choose some new keywords they remain in trends for at least two to three years. 

Google keyword planner, Google trends and Google news bring some fresh ideas however low competition, rising queries and latest trends are needed to focus while writing product reviews.
There are numerous keyword tools which can be used to see whether keyword tool is low competition. After choosing a keyword with low or medium competition and minimum monthly search is above 500.

Affiliate banner are great for conversion

This is true running a sale or discount banner on your website brings a lot of conversion on your website. However, I have also listened on internet if a banner is narrated with something coupon code, writing an offer makes great conversion. Always show an affiliate banner on side bar or middle inside the post where Aff Network draw a great attention. 

Educate someone the skills you have got.

This is also true education grows by sharing. You can share your education article free on Youtube or charge per person on video teaching website such as Udemy, Udacity, 36degree training and much more. Or make local videos and upload at your own website. In paid membership trainer makes a lot of money.

Create a online store, contract with dropship and earn unlimitedly

There are many turnkey sellers on the internet, which provide you facility for rebranding Godaddy is one of them except of this eBay is another example where you need an online store Your have to select a dropshipped who provide a facility of rebranding You sell and earn unlimitedly. Online marketing cost will be yours.

creative ways to make money from video making

Create a Youtube channel.
Yes, you can create a youtube channel for online marketing for your products and earn unlimitedly. You need to share a buy link in the description of the videos. To get started you can use on demand video creating software which helps you to create online videos from motions, pictures and on-demand animation. Just see the link now. Youtube videos are awesome, that brings a lot of videos if the correct keywords is used in the description. Online trainer uses many pictures, motion and animation in their videos. These videos can be used in social media marketing such facebook marketing, twitter viral marketing and finding followers on Instagram.

Finally, I show you many ways to expand the creativity, and you can make more money from writing and showcasing what you deserve.

Disclosure: This website displays some affiliate links which redirect you to advertisers. And I earn some money if you click and buy something. But don't worry, you don't have to pay excess money for this.

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