delhi metro smart card one card for all travel needs in delhi

delhi metro smart card now able to pay all your ticket prices electronically.

Metro smart are ready to use in delhi metro, dtc buses and cluster buses across the Delhi State in India. With Delhi metro smart card  ride easily on delhi metro, dtc buses and cluster buses across delhi state in India


Under common mobility project, metro smart card have to produced to bus conductor for digital payment. Conductor swipe this card on ETM (Electronic ticketing machine) and proceed the payment.

How to get delhi metro smart

If you are new to delhi metro or using other method of riding in Delhi. Then you have to visit nearby delhi metro station and look counter for smart card or metro card. Metro card can be make at DTC bus stands.

Ask him to issue new metro card for all your travel need. They charge nominal security deposit and you are ready to top up smart card. This card can be top on metro station on payTM and delhi metro website  using online payment methods.

Delhi metro card can be recharge easily. You need to enter smart card no and amount.  Now make quick online payment.

After successful online recharge, you have to go to Add value machine (AVM) at any of the Metro Stations.

smart card recharge


Icici bank account holder can recharge their smart card using card. For this they have to use SMS facility and add value at AVM at metro stations.

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