Digital gold scheme

Digital gold scheme is a safer mode of buying and selling gold digitally.

With digital gold you can buy any amount of gold, sell gold when you need to sell gold.

Gold Price Today, Silver Price Today

You can also convert your digital gold to physical gold by delivery and a logistics partner will arrange delivery of gold at your doorstep.

Digital gold scheme
Digital gold scheme

People like to buy gold which is pure and authentic. Digital gold is 100% pure.

You can buy this by systematic investment plan starting from Rs 100 or as you desired.

One of the biggest benefits is digital gold price is flexible, its value rises as gold price increases in the international market.

You can also redeem this in jewellery when you want.

Finally if you have some surplus as little as Rs 100 for SIP or Rs 1000 for lumpsum why not park this money in gold. 

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