Create domain name to build online presence

Create domain name to build online presence.

In the early age .com, .net and .org are known as Top level domains in Internet industry. But now time and rule has been changed. Arrival of new extension of domains name, changing rule of website marketing and content by search engine , and increasing awareness of going online has given birth of new types of domains names extension.

Lets have look at most popular domains names .com, .net., .org are public and commercial domains name no doubt any one can register these domains name. .edu reserved for education institute, .gov reserved for government organization.

Except this .aero,. .biz, .cat, .coop, .info, . int,. .jobs, . mil, . mobi, . museum, . name, .pro, . tel and . travel are Globally accepting domain name that every search engine would like to accept in these database.

.eu and .asia are two most popular domains name If you don’t like to buy .com or .org domains names.

Some country level domains give advantage in search engine ranking. Take advantage in search engine ranking

.ad, .as, .bz, .cc, .cd, .co, .dj, .fm, .io, .la, .me, .ms, .nu, .sc, .sr, .su, .tv, .tk, .ws

A domains name plays an important role in website traffic. Before creating a website or blog you must check the domains name very carefully. Now search engine give priority to old domains name, keyword rich domains are not essential for website ranking.  A short domains become memorize easily, type in browser fast, if domains name is contain any specific character or numerical digits can create problems in search engine optimization campaign.

A domains name convert in web address when website is created and domains has been mapped.

Domains name gives advantage in many forms such adsense for domains give money for website traffic, in case popular page has been deleted 301 redirect i.e. permanent redirect make website visitor to flow to desired website. 302 is a temporary forwarding used in when website gone under maintenance or construction web master can change traffic to website.

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