equity sip in indian stock market

equity sip in indian stock market – how much you can earn from your own capital

In Indian Stock market, there are numerous way of generating income by own capital. Equity, mutual fund, corporate FD, bonds are some financial instruments through which individual and big corporate houses earn money.

Equity SIP mean professionaly and systematicaly invest in small amount in equity in NSE Nifty 50 stock. Most people trust in making money by paying money in installments. If carefully selected correct stock, some one can make 10% to 20 % earning in midium term to long term around 6 month to 5 year basis.

Main advantage of equity sip in stock market, ruppe cost average. Stock price are changing in each and every second in stock market.  Equity SIP can be started  with very few amount. For starting equity SIP you need a basic demat account, without demat account you can engage in stock market operation whereas SIP in mutal fund did not necessarily required dmat account, alternatively you can go AMC website and regiser account.

To get started equity sip in stock market, you have to selected by budget and installment in month and period upto which you will be remain in stock market. Installment amount can be in quantity or in amount. Major advantage of equity sip is that you need not to worry each and every day stock market go up or goes down. Before seletecting company your focus must be on long term business prospect.

Equity SIP is attractive option if you don’t want to take more risk in by investing lumpsum money on intraday or creating multiple stock portfolio where risk also can be go down because each and every stock can be go down if condition is not well.

I think Equity sip is beneficial to invest in midium term, if correctly selected stock and maintain healthy investment upto 3 to 5 year. Because in longer term stock market gives return in many fold.

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