eu gdpr checklist for online business in the Europe.

Browse eu gdpr checklist for online business in the Europe.

eu gdpr checklist – See the action in details at EU GDPR Data  Protection Rules Website

Doing eu gdpr checklist is compulsory for successfully doing business in the Europe without paying hefty fine. Earlier website owner and business owner put information on website about data used and cookie places on visitor system.

There has new law arrived for data controlled on 25th May 2018 for European visitors.  European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has changed everything from website designing, seo practices, client retention and every ad networks.

This force word press and Google to change privacy policy and amend rules for data retention. Each and every business who producing content or selling products has amending his own privacy policy.

This law impact every business owner small or big whether in Europe or outside. If your business customer are European citizen you have to follow EU General Data Protection Regulation. Else not need to worry.


How to handle this challenge?

One of biggest challenge for small business owner is to put control on data control. Are you protecting sensitive data of European citizen? And this is the time to remove low quality third party link from your business and website.

Online publisher of affiliate need not to worry too much about EU General Data Protection Regulation Act. There are many plugins for EU GDPR Regulation which makes word press website EU GDPR Regulation friendly.

However online publisher need to pay more attention on word press than free web hosting website. Comment and third party cookie are two form that impact EU GDPR protection act. Word press make it easy and provide some additional tool for data retention, cookie and privacy policy. There are also tool for asking consent for affiliate link if you want to promote products or selling goods in European countries. Check for you affiliate program.

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