how to make green tea

Everyone is health conscious and want to know how to make green tea at home.

This helps you to become forever young and energetic, look luxurious but expensive. Give good health benefits but also sourness in taste.

How to make g r e e n t e a at home is described below: –

Step 1: Heat water in a pan. Hot water increases green tea’s antioxidant potential by as much as 10 folds.

Step 2: Add tea leaves or bag in cup and pour hot water, cover and leave it 2 to 3 minute.

Step 3: Only for tea leaves – add some lemon juice and honey for taste. According to instruction given on green tea packages.

Any finally the green and healthy tea is ready for sip

Benefits of green tea

It is good for health.

It control your weight and heart related problems.

Green teas is best when you want to fight with cancer and cardiovascular problem.

Green teas helps you to stay hydrated.

Don’t drink over 2 cups of Green Teas.

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