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HSBC card on Google Pay: hsbc andorid pay is now Google pay. Install Google pay, add your debit or credit card, verify details and get ready to use HSBC card on Google pay.  Now you can use your hsbc card to make shopping on online store with more security in android devices.

In the U.K. and U.S., hsbc android pay is hsbc card with companion of google pay make 10 time fast check and more security of debit and credit card.

hsbc card on Google pay
hsbc card on Google pay

If you are legal resident of the U.K. and aged 16 or above, holding hsbc Visa or MasterCard and having a gadget with nfc support on Android device 4.4 or above. Then you can take advantage of hsbc google pay formally known hsbc android pay.

How to Get Google pay for HSBC :

  •  Download Google pay app on your android device from Google play store and tap the ‘+’ sign. .
  • .When you’re prompted to add a credit or debit card, line up your HSBC card within the frame on the screen to capture your card details or enter your card information manually.
  • Please select how you would like to receive your one-time passcode, which will be sent to you by SMS or email, then enter it into the appropriate field.
  • Once it’s verified, your HSBC card is ready to use with Google Pay.
    There is no limit to the number of cards you can add to your device. The same card can be added on up to 8 devices.

Now your ready to use hsbc google pay on your device. Now go to store or app for some fantastic shopping experience. If you choose to pay in store scan with app when you make payment. Or  Choose merchant . And you can start shopping of £30 or more.

Just add your card is not enough, pay using Google android pay is also needed. There is no limit to add card on devices.  Google Authorized Google pay is more secure option which allows direct payment and double security. Why i am saying this?  With Gooogle pay your credit or debit no not shared with merchant. If unfortunately, your android phone has lost, in this rare situation you can use Android Device Manager and set today location tracking.

Overall you don’t need to keep physical credit and debit card with you.

Make sure you are holder of hsbc premier card, student card, platinum card, Visa card or any new shopping card. Check full elegibility at website.

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