icici bank digital banking on mobile

Are you looking icici bank digital banking on mobile? ICICI Bank is one of top private sector bank in India and abroad. Private sector bank provide more single user benefit than public sector bank. They focus on money and customer service.

Today digital banking is boosting in our country. So it become essential that how you can access icici bank digital banking on mobile ?

Digital banking is all about making non cash payment. Digital banking belongs to latest in trends and technology. And you become stress free in each and every banking transaction.

ICICI Bank digital banking can be used using on mobile. icici bank mobile banking apps. These apps are available exclusively on android, window, blackberry and apple devices. Or you can send instant message SMS iMobile to 5676766 to download icici bank digial banking apps imobile on your smartphone.

ICICI Bank imobile apps has some unique advantage. This apps comes with 150 service one of it types. But here is list that may more useful to you.

  1. Pay bills online is one of most preferred and essential feature of digital banking. You have to pay everyday utility bills insurance, electricity, petrol and D2H bills.
  2. Managing demat portfolio using iDirect in one account is not essential task. You not only check all holding of your portfolio and also tracking of delivery using iTrack.
  3. You can convert easily extra amount in fixed deposit and recurring deposit. ICICI Bank mobile apps unique feature of investment and deposits.
  4. Easily and quickly fund transfer between account is always possible.
  5. Quickly recharge your phone, d2h and data card using icici bank mobile banking apps.
  6. Online shopping with mobile banking was not as easy as now. Instead of visiting retail stores you can browser local shopping mall offer on mobile apps.
  7.  Debit card has lost. Do you want to stop cheque? Now it is available on mobile apps. It was not so easy.
  8. Avoid visiting branches. As population is rising. Branch banking create a lots of problem. Now view account statement, making quick banking using mobile apps.

Finally, now each and every bank provide it unique mobile banking apps. ICICI Bank mobile banking app is mixed of banking, shopping, and investment.

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