indian pm modi attacked on pak led isi agency

Today indian pm modi attacked pak isi agency by blocking Rupees 500 note and Ruppes 1000 note in circulation in India. ISI is one of top terrorism sponsor community in Pakistan, which is responsible for flowing of terrorism in India.  Through the route to Jammu and Kashmir Pakistan Led terrorist attack in Indian counter parts. And through the route of Nepal and other nearby area ISI agent entered in Indian part with fake currency note to weaken Indian Industry.

Now, Rupee 500 note and Rupees 1000 note not be allowed anywhere in India, but you can exchange it before 30 Th December 2016 at Indian Post offices and bank branched all over India. To fight with terrorism, corruption, black money  R.B.I. has made this decision.

Difficulties you may face:

  1. Rupee 500 note and Rupees 1000 not are valuable at this time. So every one whose daily need is to buy more that Rupee 100 may be affected. But do not take it seriously. Because funding to terrorism, corruption and black money funding will be stopped.
  2. Waiting too longer – Around two to three days long queue in banks and ATM machine may be seen.
  3.  Much difficulties may be faced if person are on boarding outside home. Auto, taxi, hotels and restaurant can not accept these note.
  4. Small business may suffer for transaction as big merchant can not buy item with these note. New note will be arriving around next week.

Action you can take

  1. Onward 10 November go to post box and your bank branches to exchange or deposit money with valid ID proof.
  2. If you forgot to bank or post box on or before 01 th January 2017, you can contact to RBI for money exchange with prescribed forms.
  3. Beware not to accept old note of 500 and 1000 denomination.


  • Make blocking big circulation money may increase problem of shoppers but also increase chance that we are safe from financial terrorism.
  • Blocking this money also make useless money who have not shown these black money in income declaration scheme. Where they have to gone now?
  • Fake currency is a big problem, this issue can not be take lightly. You have to give support to indian pm modi Government in this matter.
  • Always be careful when accepting currency note. By accepting fake currency note you are encouraging black money market and terrorism.

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