irctc sbi visa card use travel shopping atm withdraw easy

New irctc sbi visa card can be use for travel shopping atm withdraw easy. Today Credit card is a symbol of richness. Sbi is also a one of biggest public sector bank in India.

Sbi owned irctc sbi visa card can be used for booking transaction free online train ticked booked on irctc with easily. As the name suggest IRCTC is tie up with SBI and other banks for providing credit facility which give around 50 days of credit limit.

irctc sbi visa credit card

You want to know where you can use “sbi irctc credit card”

  1. irctc sbi visa card can be used at IRCTC website for online train ticket booking.
  2. People are worry to use credit card online at petrol pump. Now use it at Petrol pump without paying additional service charges
  3. This card comes with Global travel accepting card. I mean this can be used globally for booking all travel needs.
  4. Visa credit card makes shopping easy at globally accepting visa outlet, visa website, restaurant, stores and other entertainment centre.
  5. Utility bill payment are our monthly requirement when you have to pay bill of insurance, electricity, water, gas and telephone in cash. In actual you can pay these bill online or at kiosks.
  6. This card enable you to grab exclusive offers from IRCTC.

Benefits you can use while shopping and spending sbi irctc visa credit card

  1. Today credit card and debit card from Indian bank comes with reward point. You can use every money spend on shopping, travel and spending .  Collect 1 reward point on spend of Rs 125. And use 1 reward point at Rs 1
  2. In union budget 2017-18 center government has abolish train ticket booking charges on irctc website. So you can use this credit card without paying any additional charges.
  3. You need cash at home. Government has allowed to keep cash up-to Rs 3 Lac per person. Saving bank account comes with Rs 24,000 per week limit. But credit card can give you more than limit.
  4. Now Add-on-card are useful for family member. Do not forgot to get it.
  5. Today making a bank draft for cash less payment is not as easy as Easy money draft by Railway IRCTC credit card. Now book money draft using local phone call is very easy.
  6. You need credit card for monthly billing but want to pay in monthly installment. Every clever person make big purchase on emi. Flexipay is also one another feature that convert your purchase into monthly installment at lowest interest rate.
  7. Now credit card and debit card comes with e-statement and usage alert at no extra charge. E-statement are better than postal statement. They deliver on time, open in few seconds, can be print out and visible in seconds.
  8. SBI card alert is useful for every transaction cash withdrawal, shopping, reward point use, mini statement .

Are you sure to Get irctc sbi visa card from SBI.

  1. SMS  “rail”  to 56767    OR
  2. Login to  and select travel card. And click on IRCTC SBI  Platinum card
  3. Apply Now.

Beware credit card comes with Rs 500 joining fee and Rs 300 renewal fees. Interest free period may be 20 days to 50 days. Only big worry is that finance charges 3.35% will be imposed if you are unable to pay bill amount on time.

This card can be used at ATM for withdraw money but at domestic ATM 2.5% service charges will be imposed and international ATM also attract 3% of transaction charges minimum of Rs 300 on both domestic and international.

IRCRC SBI Platinum credit card is good initiative to boost digital payment in train ticket booking. This card can be used for retail spending in India and abroad.  But attract some annoying service charges. Major drawback of this card that you want to pay bill using credit card that you must have account in Delhi only otherwise you have to choose net banking or branch banking for credit card payment.

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