lenovo thinkpad e470 smb laptop

In thinkpad business series, lenovo thinkpad e470 smb laptop specially designed for business use where you can easily connect and share in the technological age.

Lenovo thinkpad e470 smb laptop comes with some attractive feature make give some look. 14″ inch smaller and enough display, internal memory,  inbuilt storage and intel graphics makes this business laptop a sure buy buy. lenovo thinkpad e470 smb laptop has some stunning features. 14 inch display, window 10 pro, intel core processors, HDMI and advance USB ports.

Focus of the lenovo thinkpad e470 smb laptop

  1. Advance stage of web conference is here. You can join HD video web conference . In build HD webcam give better resolution of image and videos in real time at 720p.
  2. Many cheap laptops lacks of good quality of keyboard. So either you switch to tablet or like to use desktop PC. Normally laptops comes with smaller size of keyword. But keyboard provide here are full size and look spell resistant.
  3. Dolby premium in build speaker make extra fun in pass time. 14 inch display with FHD (1920 x 1080) resolution give bigger display. This business laptop look good in terms of display and sound.
  4. These laptop comes in two variant window 10 pro and DOS operating system. You can inserted any operating system window or linux in DOS operating system.
  5. Working space in laptops is major area of concern when purchasing new laptop. 4 GB ram stores all software where as 1 TB SATA HDD @ 5400 RPM stores all documents, files, musics, videos in hard disk drive.
  6. Thinkpad e470 smb laptop never go down easily. This laptop comes with Li-polymer 3-cell battery. That’s give a nice full day working support. Normally laptops battery dies in 3 to 5 hours. But you can stay here 8 to 9 hours of usage.
  7. There are enough option to connectivity.  You can use Bluetooth, WiFi and USB dongle for better internet connectivity.
  8. In a business laptop you need some external HDMI and USB slot support. Additional HDMI port make life more productive. Smart security is lies in your hand. You can lock and unlock laptop by using finger print sensor. 3 USB 3.0 give smart charging to smartphone and 1 USB 2.0 make fast connectivity with any device.


Thinkpad e470 smb laptop look good in term of new technology and innovation. You get here security in your hand. You reset password by your finger print and no need to forgot password.

But there are some area of concern may which can not neglected. You have passed more than one year with any laptop. One year onsite warranty gone expired. You need to purchase addition year of warranty. Limited free period of internet security and Microsoft office software really not good. Where as window 10 pro comes with unique security suite with makes your business laptops multi-tasker, faster, more gaming and entertainment.

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