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National Maryland day anniversary in Baltimore is on March 25 and observation on March 26 2018.

Every year around March 25 celebrated as national Maryland day anniversary in Maryland, Baltimore in the United State.  Maryland day is the legal holiday in Maryland State of the U.S. Normally, this is the observation day when  university of Maryland  organize one-day  observation on state history and heritage. This year Maryland day occurs on Sunday so all observation on state history and heritage will be conducted on next Monday March 26.

Maryland day celebrate the arrival of Lord Baltimore and first colonist in Maryland State of U.S. Some political leader and community leader also visit school premise on that day to discuss importance of history and heritage of state.

Maryland day will be legal holiday but life will be normal across the state.  More emphasis would be give to kids and their schooling activity.

Some people are like to take enjoy of food and some fun on anniversary of Maryland, Baltimore in the United State.

Annapolis is ready to make celebration of national maryland day on April 6 to 8 2018 in Annapolis Maryland and Anne Arundel county.  There are more than 20 event in Annapolis Maryland on that day. Check Maryland event online.

Maryland umd 2018 event will be organizing on Saturday, April 28 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., this event is specially for students, alumni, family persons and anybody interest in study in university of maryland.  Maryland UMD

Don’t forgot to visit Maryland Tourism website for checking out weekend celebration ..  Like Goes Here

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