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mobile responsive web design – a better idea for website owner

Today mobile responsive web design is one of biggest trends these days.  More and more people are switching to smart phone from basic mobiles.  Internet retail or e-commerce are growing rapidly with the use of mobiles handset and tablets.  Online website desktop, mobiles and tablets version are the biggest medium of growing e-commerce these days.

Smartphone and tablets are in trends.  More and more people switching from desktop website to mobile websites.  Mobile website are user friendly and cheaper that desktop in term of promotion and business cost. An average shopper browses Web and searches some specific products.  Normally, desktop website shows more than ten products at a time.  But smart shopper can make distinguish and select best offer. But everyone is not smart, and sometimes retailer best offer can be missed by shopper.

Mobile responsive website gives more conversion as compare to desktop website.  Normally, everyone does not have broadband connection.  So, they cannot afford heavy Internet charges. 4G technology boost demands of smart phone globally.  In modern days smart phone give opportunities of consume Internet data and watch Internet on mobile very low prices .

Developing a mobile responsive web design is not an easy task because every handset has different resolution.  A fixed width website cannot fits in every smart phone.  Mobile responsive website widths are not fixed, but are flexible.  There are some Web hosts who provide Web hosting with mobile pages.  Godaddy.Com,, are some popular Web host.  Word press is really a platform where you can easily transform your website into mobile responsive website. In word press you can found some specially designed themes and plug-ins for responsive website. Google project amp plug-ins allows making website load just faster but fits website into all different mobiles resolutions.

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