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“Travelling is a passion who are bored or fed-up and want to live up idle life. Do You deserve photography expert is a passion who want to discover  something new in life, nature or around the world.”

In photography expert , a camera is a tool by which photography expert discover, capture and publish photograph.

Some utmost care are needed when working with camera.

  • Good photoes are not coming. This can be possible photography expert have not make life effect accrutely or light effect is not make rightly. So You start with your camera only after adjusting camera setting. And when taking photes use always manual mode in photography expert.
  • My battery not charged fully. If you did not to recharge your cellphone, You can not make a call only. But remember You are on outing. And in this position you must recharge camera battery so that you  must utilize camera otherwise capturing a photo remain a dream for you.
  • Arrane all tool in a box. A camera did not useful unless you have all necessary item. Battery, charger, data cable , lences must be arraned to keep with camera.
  • Set white balance so that your picture must come clear as per light. Choose a white paper or something white in color and focus this and take a photo. Now your white balance has been set.
  • Focus Camera. If camera is on auto mode you do not need to focus camera. Otherwise you have to focus camera.
  • Lighting for camera. Take a photo when you are standing against light. When you are taking photos lighting must comes directly on your face otherwise picture did not make attractive.
  • Set apporcher setting according to lighting and objects. This setting is essential for taking suitable photoes.
  • Photo in night. When you are taking photo in day sufficient light and enviroment is available for camera. But in night extra setting is required for taking photos. Increase ISO setting for taking picture in night. If you are attempting to take photo in open environment in night then, You have to first make manual mode in camera then decrease ISO setting.

“Remember that are  the photoes that stays longer  as  year by year passed. These photos only remind you some historical events of your life.”

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