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professional wordpress design – free tips and tricks

How effectively you develop professional WordPress? Here are free tips on plugin that really helpful in WordPress design and website conversion. Want to know some new about WordPress, now you can learn how to design your own blog as professional WordPress.

WordPress is one of popular cms for blogger and content writer. Few or no you and technical knowledge can grab more customer with professional WordPress easily!

Here I am telling how can you in less effort you can make most of the WordPress dashboard.

All of us develop a WordPress website for getting traffic, designing a website so that more visitors come and make some transaction i.e. purchase, click on ads. All of these activities are commercial. So there are more need to choose the perfect theme and plugins.

Check website traffic and develop the website

– First of all you have started writing content and now you can see from where your visitors are coming from? Google Analysis plugin and Jack stats are two of essential plugin that lets you show how many visitors are there in the website. This can help you to decide which type of content and commercial you display on your website. Every time you update a website or publish some content there might some visitor are reading some content and willing to make some click on link of the banner. So publishing new post at this time might riskily. Just relax and see the real-time visitor on the website.

Email Subscription – convert visitor into the permanent reader

This is not very heavy wight traffic ideas but helps to improve bounce rate and convert some visitor into the permanent customer. WordPress has it own email subscription plugin and some popular email plugin i.e. mail chimps, content forms and many more.

Social media sharing -Easily share content on social media

Sharing content on social media is helpful for seo. However, it is also not a heavy traffic idea. There are many free and paid plugins. If you have visitor, these plugins can convert visitor into more visitors but not fixed customer.
Photography – These days without images your WordPress website can not admire too much. WordPress has it own media gallery that store image in traditional ways. Alternatively you can use some photography plugins. These plugins store images professionally and gain seo advantages.

Mcafee – Website protection and rating for website seo

Mcafee protection is one of popular plugin that is used by some big level website owner. They display the rating, make protection of the website from malware and shows sign of safety to website visitors. This plugin is very helpful in search engine ranking. However, they charge $18 per month whopping amount from every visitor for single word press website.

Adsense invalid click protection plugin save adsense publisher account from the ban from Google Adsense

Running an online business with Adsense is not as easy as it look. Competitors, hacker and attacker always want to destroy business and reputation by sending unusual traffic or click on AdWords ads. Once adsense account disables it can not easily reinstate. This plugin is nice and help you make protection from invalid click

Table press insert professional ideas into wordpress

– Excel has formula that tablet press use in WordPress. It is simple and straightforward to Presenting and comparing two or more products. Affiliate marketer and small business owner can use this plugin to compare products, service or any thing belongs to e-commerce.

WP Quads Adsense for WordPress -Monetization and blocking

WP quad plugin formally known as quick adsense just not integrate adsense account and display advert. Additionally they offer some unique features of blocking ads on specific devices, amp support and fully responsive ads.

Finally, running a website is easy however designing and maintenance need some extra care. If correctly selected only few professionally plugin can enhance business and revenue.

Disclosure: This website displays some affiliate links which redirect you to advertisers. And I earn some money if you click and buy something. But don't worry, you don't have to pay excess money for this.

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