reliance jio 4g tariffs plan

reliance jio 4g tariffs plan – prepaid and postpaid for 4G Volte handset users.

Reliance jio is one of top telecom company in India. Reliance jio subscribers grow dramatically with the launch of reliance jio 4g plan . Basic reason behind this grow was free incoming and outgoing.  You never spend money on voice call or messages on Volte network voice over LTE.

Jio Prepaid for Jio Phone User

There are some special plan for Jio Phone users. Thanks for Jio.

Rs 49 – Access Free voice calling,  50 SMS, 1 GB data at high speed and free subscription to Jio Apps for 28 Days.

Rs 99 – Another plan for Jio Phone user for 28 days. Access unlimited free voice calling, 300 SMS, 14 GB high speed data and free subscription to Jio Apps.

Rs 153 – Jio Phone user can use it for 28 days. Access unlimited free voice calling, unlimited SMS and  42 GB high speed data and free subscription to Jio Apps.

Jio Prepaid for 4G Volte smartphone


Reliance jio sim is very suited for subscriber who spends thousand of rupees on calling or spend money on every month on internet data recharge. Why do you need jio sim? Why you want to live jio digital life? These are some basic question that are arising these days. When you switch to jio 4g volte sim than you start saving huge money on voice calls and voice messages. These charges are different different in other telecom operators.  By using jio digital life, you start consuming 4G lte data service and 4G plans that other operators charge on hefty prices.

reliance jio prepaid plans : All prepaid plan are suited to limited period ranging 1 day to 28 days. Every plan support free incoming, free outgoing and all over india no roaming charges. And limited data packet.

reliance jio postpaid plan : Each and every postpaid plan comes with monthly billing.  You can enjoy internet data, unlimited calling voice messages , wifi and roaming in network.

Definitely, reliance jio prepaid plan are best suited to everyone who depends on mobile phone for calling. In prepaid connection, you have to make recharge before expiry of tariffs  plans Whereas reliance jio postpaid tarrif plans are best suited when you want additional timing for bill payment, recharge. Some time in the end of month you have to rush for recharge. And sometime website does not work. So postpaid plan can be best suited if you need to consume data and unlimited calling.

Overall, reliance jio 4G tariffs plan are good. But you have to pay every month money for validity extension of plan or bill payments. Other telecom operation provide longer term validity with no data package and standard charges on calling.

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