Sovereign Gold Bonds

Invest in Sovereign Gold Bonds at the convenience of your home. These bond are available exclusively for resident person only

These bonds can be bought online and offline. You can buy Sovereign Gold Bonds from scheduled commercial banks/SHCIL offices/designated Post Offices/agents.

Sovereign Gold Bonds issue is back where you can get started with as little as 1 gram. Your idle money goes to invest for eight year which can be withdrawn after five year but before the coupon date.

Invest in fine gold
Invest in fine gold

No Tax – You don’t need to pay any GST at the time of buy. However you need to pay taxes on interest as per income tax act 1961. But capital gain tax is exempted in the hands of individuals.

These bonds can be held in demat, can be gifted to relatives and can be bought Jointly. But there is a limit per person.

Minimum – 1 Gram

Maximum – 4 Gram

Annual Interest – 2.5 Percent Per Annum

Tenure – Fixed 8 Years ( Option to exit from 5th Year but before coupon date)

Way to Invest : contact to banks, post offices, SHCIL offices and agents

No need to store Gold in physical form, your money remains safe as this is low risk and any Individual can invest in gold bonds.

Special discount of Rs 50 available when you Invest in fine gold online using internet banking from Banks.

The simplest method to book SGB is login to your preferred bank and in the internet banking check the SGB offer which takes you to place SGB purchase page.

This is a long-term investment, pour some extra money in SBG for a bright future for kids, family and four retirement purposes.

Obviously, this is a safe investment and beats inflation as Gold price soars.

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