tax saving mutual funds

tax saving mutual fund are best way to save money

Never delay your tax planning. Be prepare to save money by investing money on tax saving mutual fund.

equity elss mutual funds

As you know very well, ELSS (equity linking saving scheme) is one of popular way to earn robust return and save also tax on your income. However, Equity mutual fund scheme comes with open ended entry and exit mode. ELSS mutual fund comes with 3 years lock-in period and tax benefits.

Risk you must know before buy ELSS mutual funds

  • Stock market risk – As you invest in equity mutual, this all money invested in equity traded on stock market.
  • No assured return – No mutual fund comes with fixed return assurance

Benefits – you can get

  • Long term capital appreciation –  Yes as market and equity soar also your money invest
  • Tax benefits – Money you invest in each period accumulate in longer term.

Best way to enter in ELSS mf

There are two popular methods most investor like to use sip and lump sum.  But SIP is one of most preferable method to invest in equity ELSS mutual fund.

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