vivo v5 smartphone review

New vivo v5 smartphone review

vivo v5 smartphone has some impressive features that you can not neglect.

Display vivo v5 has 5.5 inch bigger display with 1280 x 720 pixel resolution.  This look better.  When people goes older their eyesight goes weak. Vivo v5 comes with eye protection mode. Then bigger display give better vision.

I found working with vivo v5 is quite easy. Oct core snapdragon 652 64 bit processor and latest android version 0.6.1 made task easy.  Latest and updated version are safe in digital age.  You set password and forgot.  Then you can not access to smart phone.  But fingerprint sensor is secure feature that make lock and unlock smartphone quite easy.

3000 mAH battery can give longer power to handset. When you goes continuously to watching videos,  news or update you need higher power battery.

Vivo v5 comes with enough storage in smart phone.  A 4 GB ram,  32 GB internal memory or rom is look enough for every type of work. Additionally you can enhance mobile storage up to 128 GB by using micro SD card.

There are total attractions in camera option.  20 mega pixel moon light camera give option to capture soon moments in moon light. There are also 13 mega pixel in front with flash for making better selfish.

I found multiple connectivity that make your every task easy. Transfer file with Bluetooth,  share or connect wireless network,  connect mobile phone to pc with other cable,  get every route map with GPS,  and start watching radio on fm radio preloaded apps.

 No doubt vivo v5 give stiff competition to digital camera with Sony image sensor. Vivo v5 is a good buy for tech savvy who look tech gadget at lowest price. Few thousand of rupees are spending to buying for this smartphone. So you must buy vivo v5.

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