why should twitter business card You must have

Google adwords and Facebook ads are already widespread on for local and global website optimization where advertiser choose pay per click and pay per impression that fits into budget. More recently,  Twitter announce twitter business card for twitter account promotion twitter business card for international website promotion that is different and can give more internationl lead as compared to adwords of facebook.

Basically twitter is one of this time professional network where you can get international traffic without spending too much money. You need international traffic, by using google adwords or facebook you can not directly engage with vistior but twitter business card helps you more in getting visitors and also for leads.

To get started for twitter business card  step by step

  • Sign itwitter business cardn or register free account on  twitter.com
  • Write your first ad campaign on twitter ad network URL is here ads.twitter.com
  • Choose audience region wise targetting also possible, choose male or female, age group
  • More choicces devices, languages, platfroms
  • Choose keywords that more relevant to tweet and choose the location where your tweet should be shown
  • Now set your daily budget and total budget on ad campaign
  • Choose creative i.e. twitter business card  choose or write first tweet, write something in 140 words add website in website box add an image, choose name for offline. Select an strong call to action.

In many ways twitter ads network is similiar  to facebook ad network when choosing right audience, by age size but lack of chosing income group. Geographic targetting is similare in all three group but Adwords is cost effective for small business owner who provide local service. Facebook ads attract local audience who have less business potential in this sense twitter is professional network for getting business lead or direct sellling products.

But twitter has some terms and condition you must know, which you can see on accout setting.

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