how to save exact match domain from search engine spam

How you can save end or exact match domain from Google search engine spam?

Emd or exact match domain in search engine ranking plays very nasty games.  Exact match domain are obtained for getting search engine rankings for a particular keyword.

Google engineer Matt cutting already give update of keyword spam in domain.  But now Google start working of blocking keywords specific domain.

Keyword ranking is major factor in search engine ranking.  Without ranking your website can not survive in Internet.  Keywords based domain can be easily get keywords ranking to a very specific keyword.

Now keyword based domain comes under black hat technology of search engine seo.

But behind these bad news there are good news also.  Website with original content,  website with useful content will stay away from penalty.

Affiliate marketers register these domain from easily getting money from online sale or auction.  I have also see many domain that are keywords based contains Google adsense ads.

Finally, you have the last chance to stay away Google search spam penalty. You have to build a website with some original and useful content.

Google never want doorway pages that build only for search engine.  Now you build a website only for user not for search engine is only solution of this penalty

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