how featured snippets in google search increase ctr of website

Featured snippets in google search

Featured snippets in google search is wonderful tool for seo expert for outrank in Google Search.

What is featured snippets in google search?

Featured snippets in google search show some answers on top of search result. Google extract summary of answer from web page and a link to that to that specific page

What are the benefits of this wonderful search box?

There is no doubt they are very useful in google search. They easily beat the competitor and increase website conversion as it show top of search result page.

They increase website reputation and grab attention of visitors.

Can I stop my website appearing in snippets in google search?

Yes this is possible by implementing meta tag to your website. If you do not want to search your specific web page or want to block some pages from google snippets. Just copy below link and paste on pages which you don’t want to show for featured snippets.

<meta name=”googlebot” content content= “nosnippet”>

What is the strategy for featured snippets?

There is no meta tag for implementing featured snippets for google search. However, your can use content to bring more visitors.

Google search query programmatically from content and match content which given answer in the content page. So using question and answers in the web page is best option.

But there is big concern. If you are not top ten list in google you can not reap the benefits of snippets. So Go quickly to google search console and check which keyword and page are amongst of top ten ranking on google.

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My best idea is to given answers by using writing in different different formats. These may paragraph that may not be too longer. Use long-tail keywords, numbers, formula and everything which is used to give answers to visitors.

Finally, snippets by google search are best option for seo expert for making good ctr and increase reputation in search engine marking

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