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Higher earning from google adsense partner program

Do You know google Adsense is a premier source for making money from online blog or website.  One of biggest contextual ad network google adsense  delivers ads through a java script worldwide to website visitors.

How effectively you make money depends largely on display of advertisement? And ad placement area on your website.

Adsense display text, image and videos advertisement on website. Responsive ads, in-feed ads and in-article ads are newest form of adsense ads.

In contextual advertisement google adsense display ads according to text or keyword data and in interest based ads also display when user comes to site by site or search another query a banner or text ads display on browsing experience.

Access your google adsense Account without login by putting Adsense Publisher ID

Go quickly go Google Adsense without any login every time

google adsense

Really google adsense has multiple ads blocks of with some top performing ads blocks are here. Let look how will they give advantage to you?


google adsense responsive ads

Google Adsense recommend to use responsive ads that can viewable in each and every device. These type of ads are suitable for all website. As newest trend in web hosting industry one website and multiple devices.

Link ads are best converting for high traffic website

Adsense link ads are also popular. They show some link to ads, where user go and click. And publisher earn money.

Fixed width banner for desktop website  monetize website with google adsense

728 X 90 leader board banner make you earn display more ads, you must make position this either on header or above post location. Ads placed on header give a true impression grab first attention when website loaded. Ads placed on above post also top performing ads as website loaded visitor want to look at content and these ads grab attention.

Popular WordPress theme that has an in-built Ad Management System for google adsense  that helps you create and manage Ad Slots on your website easily. And Increase traffic to website.

300 X 250 medium rectangle banner shows multiple text and image banner and increase earning. And 336 X 280 large rectangle banner increase earning by displaying more text and image ads more widers area so ads can be display and arrange click through rate. Both display enough ads, when can be embedded in post by word press plugin give higher earning for content or display in side or you can also shows these on below of post and grab visitor attention.

160 X 600 wider skyscraper banner display image and text ads arrange higher earning when user go up to down or down to up ads display on side bar and give higher earnings .

When visitors goes desktop website to mobile or smart phone website 728 X 90 leader board banner did not perform well at this time 468 X 80 small banner make sense. 120 X 600 banners take less space to display than 160 X 600 and perform better in all devices.    There are some ads blocks that can be useful whether ignored by publishers due to limited supply of ads. 250 X 250 square banners, 200 X 200 small square banners and 180 X 150 small rectangles can be fits in very small location.

300 X 600 half page banners gives wider space for ads display and capture visitors attention, is giving publisher money for content as ads notice easily and get credit for click.

Adsense plugins on wordpress

People on internet makes a lots of money with adsense. Google AdSense is NO. 1 income generating stream, it provide highest earning capacity to publisher for website content. At word press there are many  plugins for adsense. Google Adsense by Google, Adinserter, Quick adsense is one of popular adsense plugin. This plugin insert adsense ad on blogs so fast and also insert ad anywhere in the post. You can easily optimize your website for cost per clicks ads or per per impression ads.

But this plugin allows you to insert maximum 10 ads. That mean publisher can monetize website with other network also.Google custom search gives advantage to publisher by display pay per click with website search results.

Conclusion : Adsense is one of it type advertising revenue sharing company by Google Inc. Having a adsense account is a plus point and choosing best ad format is a bonus point.

Disclosure: This website displays some affiliate links which redirect you to advertisers. And I earn some money if you click and buy something. But don't worry, you don't have to pay excess money for this.

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