how to stop adsense invalid activity on website

Did you know, why my website contain adsense invalid activity?

Google Adsense is a premier source for earning from your online content. But Google adsense has some strict term & condition and policy, under which you have to work and earn. But some people either knowingly or misunderstanding does not understand and makes some mistake.

Did  your website Adsense contain any Invalid click activity?  Google ban all publisher account whose website contain any invalid click activity. Your website click and impression are important. So, you must watch your website traffic.

So, how to stop adsense invalid activity on website?

  1. Don’t test website link this can increase adsense invalid activity on website. If you are watching your website. Just stop and first deactivate adsense ad from website. Your impression will be counted invalid. Adsense watch IP address. And easily find you any where. Because Google is world wide company.
  2. Your click through rate is very high more than 5%. This does not mean that you can not earn from your valid click. But put your adsense ads on place that is different from image or direct link to insider web page.
  3. Understand Google content creating policy. Google does not allow pop up, pop under and interstitial pages. If you are using adsense with pop up, pop under and interstitial page, you are almost losing your adsense account.
  4. Your website promotion policy is important. Without traffic your website will die? Don’t use any software when you are promoting your website in search engine or building back links for business. As Google does not like bat hat technique.
  5. Adsense Ad look – When you get ads from Adsense they are ready to wok. But don’t try to maximize earning from adsense. As with adsense you can save only hosting cost and remain depends on organic traffic. And also don’t try to maximize traffic from third party source otherwise no one help you in adsense invalid activity.
  6. Did you Automatic robot and website crawler can scan your website. Don’t authorize any unknown crawler to scan your website. These traffic does not shown in website traffic or analysis and website security software such as Wordfence can see these traffic. with Wordfence you can stop or block any software crawler.

Effective tips on working with Google Adsense for stopping adsense invalid activity on website

  • Use Google analytic and Google web master tool on website. Both are 100% free and gives you complete tracking on website performance and traffic sources.
  • If you are using any trademark or copyright in your content. Then your website can be captured by search engine as spamming. This is better You remove all these content.
  • You must provide a privacy page. Write about all outbound link, cookie that you place on visitor devices. Clearly mention what you do and what is your mission.
  • Choose a responsive web design if profitable where content length should be 960 width only. So your website content should be accessible in all devices desktop, tablet and mobile. Choose only responsive ads or higher recommend ads by Google Adsense

If your website does not contain any adsense invalid activity then you need not to worry, You can post appeal for adsense invalid activity at adsense forum

But remember in mind that you have to watch click and impression, traffic sources to website, beware of crawler and not to use any software in website proportion will have your to stop adsense invalid activity.

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