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Get access email on mobile on gmail  hotmail and email yahoo

Send and receive email on your favorite mobile handset is very easy. Gmail, Hotmail and email yahoo are three most popular online email services that used globally because all three are absolutely free, easy to access and set-up is free. Gmail is used by Google users, hotmail or windows live mail used by Microsoft users and email yahoo used by Yahoo users.

Gmail, Hotmail and email yahoo has developed apps for access email through mobile application on mobile handset for android, blackberry and apple phone users. In apps you have to enter only your email id and passwords and your email folders automatically download your email from online mail box. In low storage device mail box download capacity can be around but you can increase it in big storage devices.

Gmail, Hotmail and email yahoo  setting for generic mobiles where apps not serviceable

Get setting for Gmail, Hotmail and email yahoo on mobile devices

Email Address            You have to write your Gmail or Hotmail or email yahoo  address.

User Name                  Your email Id is your user name.

Password                    Your online email password used here.

SMTP server (Outgoing mail server setting)

SMTP Port                      Type 465 or 587

Secure Connection       choose SSL    Require authentication Yes

Incoming server    (Incoming mail server setting)

For POP3

POP3  server / /

POP3 Port            995


IMAP4 server

IMAP4 port          993

Secure connection     Choose SSL

There is slightly difference between Gmail, hotmail and email yahoo  setting email ID, username and password used as you use in online mail server. But incoming and outgoing mail server setting is different. Pop and Imap both are used for incoming mail download that affect your email setting. Using pop setting in email boxes does not affect your desktop, app and mobile devices mail. Sometimes mail downloads only one device but not another device. Imap used for multiple device mail downloading, but if you make a change in email in mobile device this also change email in other devices. Most handset contain apps where you have to enter only email ID and password and rest work will be done by apps

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