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google adwords ppc training guide specifically made for you

After reading “google adwords ppc” training guide  you will become capable to create online ads for your online business and able to arrange more conversion to website than of now.

google adwords ppc  is a most popular around the world as around 80% internet population used google search engine  and from search engine to website user view different types of advertisement.

google adwords ppc is more popular among online marketers for quickly reaching potential
customers. Google adwords, Yahoo and bing are on top in popularity and authenticity. In pay per click marketing, you have to pay online click fee when google adwords ppc deliver a click to landing page.

google adwords ppc ad campaign contain two parts in itself  first part is advertisement which entice prospective customer to click on ad and second part is  landing page where your customer comes after clicking on ad. First of all you have to prepare a landing page then create advertisement.

All quality network has three requirement for landing page.

  1. Original and relevant content
  2. Transparency or Trust
  3. Navigation

You created a post about “android tablet”  so you must provide real information about android tablet that directly benefited to user. And do not try to make foolish to user. Tile of the web page must be matched with content of the web page. You almost created original and relevant content.

Transparency or trust increase conversion on website and also needed for pay per click. You are selling something or provide business service to potential customer, for that reason you choose pay per click. Price of products, billing, payment methods, shipping and return policies, information of location of business, fan page on social media such as Facebook, twitter or Google+ and customer testimonial really increase conversion on website. User registration must be free and easy and user must be able to distinguish website content to outbound links such as sponsor links, affiliate links.

Easy of navigation gives a quick and simple path to understand customer about your brand brands and services. Landing page give link to home page or other pages and search button boost selling. Excepts this you must avoid excess use of obtrusive elements such as pop-ups or pop-under, and less use of java script makes website content should be load quickly.



Create ads using google adwords ppc

Google adwords is high quality advertising program designed for online business. It allows provide facility of creation and targeting of ads, but it works under premises of bids and keywords. Google adwords provide text and images ads on search and display network which shows on desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets and smartphone.

First step in creating a google adwords ppc ads is choosing a headline  for your ads which stand apart you from the crowds. You can choose keywords relating to business or page contents. Description 1 and description 2 can be products or business offers, prices included or not you decide, you can tell what you do? Insert at least one keyword in ad text and also match ads with landing page. Second step is chosing keywords wisely, google adword ppc shows keywords as option keywords on pages, keywords by group, by location of country and by searching some text. Specific keywords are best all time.

Bidding, budget and quality score are three major factor that makes your ad campaign either successful or make  to quit google adwords ppc advertising. Once keywords are choose, you have make a bid so that you ads appear on search network, remember other perons also making bids on same keywords. High bidding gives more impression but low bidding give few impression. Sometimes too much high bidding waste money and low bidding does not trigger any ads.

Quality score is a metric assigned to keywords. High quality score can be achieved by bidding on specific keywords as a result click increase and cost per click went down. Only increasing numbers of click control this situation but you must decide budget, how much money you can afford?  High quality score can be achieved through optimization and landing pages best practices. Uses of keywords in ad and in landing pages, make an ad most relevant to keywords and landing pages, make a landing page high quality, decreasing CTR rate and use of ad groups, multiple ads, uses of text and images both.

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