Microsoft window 10 optimize for all multiple devices

Try microsoft window 10 optimize for all multiple devices

Microsoft Inc announce microsoft window 10 operating system skip microsoft window 9 operating system

Microsoft Inc. has launched its latest operating system microsoft window 10 in the middle on year 2015 for tablet, computer, Xbox and mobile device but skip to launch window 9.

Currently Microsoft has around 1.5 billion customers globally. Window 8 and window 8.1 are currently in use in two different versions one for computer and tablets and another is for cell phone and Xbox. Window 8 was launched two year ago for capturing mobile device, but making this mobile specific operating system was a big blunder. And Microsoft start to loosing market due to tablet like design and uncontrollable in device other than mobile.

Microsoft Inc., want to launch its new version microsoft window 10 for personal computers, mobiles, tablets, Xbox and tiny devices. Today younger people like to have mobiles and tablets with advance entertainment and browsing experience.

Today, Microsoft is facing stiff competition in mobile and tablet segments from android and in notebook from chrome OS . Iphone, ipads and android devices are giving tough competition to Microsoft products globally. Today, Microsoft has only 14% market coverage only. Mostly individual people prefer to have Microsoft OS due to simplicity to install and working is easy as compare to Linux operating system.

In Indian market, Microsoft Inc. want to make rival in mobile and tablet segments and in this concern Microsoft launch 3 smart phones lumia 830, dual sim lumia 730 and lumia 930, all 3 smart phone have preloaded Microsoft devices.

Basically, India is a premier place where every one wants to make entry in consumer and electronics segments. As India is a growing developing country and mostly business house to small business owners are using laptops, desktop and mobiles. In Indian market, Microsoft also bring window tablet. Recent launch of apple iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus make very risky task for Microsoft Inc as operation is very easy and prices are very low in U.S. market.

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