Internet café business

Internet café business

Internet café business or cyber Café business is one of growing business opportunities in Indian cities these days.  In the digital age, online community and online retail are rising.  Desktop computer are bulky and expensive.  Everyone can not afford them anymore.

But cyber Cafe is a place, where you can enjoy full desktop computer browsing at fixed amount of charges at no extra charge and time commitment.  Establishing a cyber Cafe is less expensive as compare to other business.  Where you have to give big franchisee fees?

To start a cyber Cafe, you need some desktop, laptops and basic Internet broadband connection.  With cyber Cafe, you are established yourself in marketplace in your own name. Not a big initial deposit, no more expenses on stock. Cyber Cafe business is not alone business that you can also do some extra business i.e. digital printing, online bill payment, travel ticker booking and cafeteria.

What you can do basically with cyber cafe business?

Digital printing :  Today people are keen to keep digital records at home and office. Modern color printing machine are costing more. And everyone cannot buy everything. Taking photographs takes some few minutes from capture to printing.

Instant email:  People come to internet café to send instant email online. No matter, how much time will take to type an email. You are doing business.  Online email can bring more money.

Bill payment : People likely to pay online bill i.e. mobile bills, rent bills, broadband bills, government bill, house taxes. Everything is going online. Internet café business will be profitable if people come to deposit tax online.

Restaurant: People work on computer and after some time they become tired. So tea and coffee give some refreshment. New customer come to drink tea, coffee, and some dinner by looking at refreshment banner.

Ticketing: Online ticket booking business is rising. Bus ticket, train ticket, air ticket can be booked with the use of internet café. So internet café business can be most profitable business.

Entertainment: People come to cyber cafe to browse review on models, celebrity, recent movies, watch latest music and and playing some game in extra time. Facebook chatting are common with people.

Finally, internet café is a place where people come to browse website, sending email, make and print documents and high speed gaming that you cannot enjoy at home. But computer virus can be destroy system so powerful antivirus program i.e. kaspersky, avg, avast, Norton must be installed in pc

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