payoneer global money transfer agency

payoneer global money transfer agency Pros and cons

Today payoneer global money transfer agency is one of growing business opportunity. Nowadays, small businesses, large merchant and big company need global transfer service. Global money agent can transfer money in local bank accounts globally in few minutes. Payoneer is one of growing agency these days.


  1. Today payoneer global money transfer agency drive eCommerce beyond country . Today top merchant i.e.,, cdiscount and more sell products globally. So demand of global money transfer agency is rising.
  2. Working with payonner is easy. Any one can sign up and start transacting less than minutes.
  3. Some global money transfer merchant charge high transaction fee. But payonner charge maximum fees $1 on USD transaction whereas EUR, GBP and JPY currency are free of cost.
  4. Freelance can convert money in there bank account. Payoneer marketplace provide benefits to freelancer to earn extra money by making partnership with selected companies.
  5.  Do you advertise business using affiliate marketing? If Yes! Then payoneer can be good choice in  global money transfer where you can send payment to business partner easily with lowest cost.

 payoneer global money transfer agency


  1. Payonner can send online in local bank accounts only from selected merchant. If merchant not listed in payoneer marketplace you can not received money from global money transfer agent.
  2. Payoneer face stiff competition from own which is deemed most trusted and online marketplace. By using paypal, you can send payment online through email. Paypal has resolution center where merchant and buyer connect for online payment fraud.
  3. Western union money transfer is also one another global money transfer agent having presence globally.  They deliver money in local currency at agent location in cash and  1,00,000 ATM at globally. Western union has presence on over 200 country and 5,00,000 agent location worldwide. They have make tie-up with banks and government institution for exchanging money globally.

Payoneer  global money transfer service is one of growing global money transfer company.But it face stiff competition from  top internet giant , western union money transfer. But less transaction fees, freelancer support and easy to work online make payoneer competitive in market. And become one if preferred choice of global money transfer agency.

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