mobile internet speed test without mobile app

Great news! mobile internet speed test without mobile app for Android users

Yes! This is true. And you can do it very easily. Internet speed test on Android mobile without mobile app is possible.

So, would you like to do this.

Internet speed on mobile shows only how much highest and lowest dats your handset is consuming when you are downloading something online.

This feature is available for Android handset user only. I checked this on my Android 6.0 handset.

Lets get started. Step by step.

  1. Step 1 – First of all open mobile data connection so that you connect to internet world.
  2. Step 2- Now go to setting and click on data usage.

And the results are in front of you. There are live speed test is coming on your mobile screen.

There are three lines may be coming that may be different in somehandset.

Theoretical downlink highest and current. This shows to you speed you used in the past and the current.  Downlink in easy words can by say that you are sending instruction to load any webpage, videos by click or sending a file.

Theoretical uplink highest and current shows you uplink data that you used in past and current.  Uplink can says that you are watching website, videos or just send a file.

And in the last you see the total of data that you are consuming in your handset.

And this is the method for check mobile internet speed test without mobile app. You can check any 2g, 3g and 4g LTE network speed here.

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