moto 360 sport android wear

Motorola moto 360 sport Android Wear is great gadget nowadays for fitness  and outdoor activities.

Some Key specifications of motorolla moto 360 sport wear :

  1. Optical heart rate monitor let check your physical health .
  2. You can walk easily  connect with WiFi and Bluetooth. And connect easily with iOs and Android smartphone globally.
  3. GPS software let you connect correct location while going for outside.
  4. Let’s play music and download apps from Google play store with optimum storage on device. Motorola moto 360 sport Android Wear comes with 512 mb ram and 4 gb internal media storage.
  5. Motorola moto 360 sport Android Wear can always connect to Bluetooth and wifi to access emails, messages and I’m.
  6.  A non removable Li-on battery let give battery power for up to 24 hours.
  7. Dual digital mic let connect you to outside world.
  8. 1 year international warranty make this gadget more comfortable outside the boundary.

Finally, this is outdoor or fitness lover, who want a fitness partner and digital assistant.

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