nzm kop express delhi kolhapur-(12148) train route

delhi kolhapur nzm kop express 12148 train route

Superfast train no. 12148 nzm kop express left from Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM) on every Thursday.

StationDayArrivalDepartureDistance (Km.)
MATHURA JN(MTJ)17:45:00 AM7:50:00 AM130
RAJA KI MANDI(RKM)18:28:00 AM8:30:00 AM179
AGRA CANTT(AGC)18:40:00 AM8:45:00 AM183
GWALIOR JN(GWL)111:00:00 AM11:05:00 AM302
JHANSI JN(JHS)112:40:00 PM12:50:00 PM405
BINA JN(BINA)13:00:00 PM3:05:00 PM557
BHOPAL JN(BPL)15:05:00 PM5:10:00 PM696
ITARSI JN(ET)16:45:00 PM6:55:00 PM787
KHANDWA(KNW)19:50:00 PM9:53:00 PM971
BHUSAVAL JN(BSL)111:50:00 PM11:55:00 PM1094
MANMAD JN(MMR)22:30:00 AM2:35:00 AM1278
KOPARGAON(KPG)23:38:00 AM3:40:00 AM1320
BELAPUR(BAP)24:33:00 AM4:35:00 AM1364
AHMADNAGAR(ANG)25:33:00 AM5:35:00 AM1431
DAUND JN(DD)27:40:00 AM7:55:00 AM1514
PUNE JN(PUNE)29:15:00 AM9:30:00 AM1592
SATARA(STR)212:07:00 PM12:10:00 PM1737
KARAD(KRD)21:07:00 PM1:10:00 PM1796
SANGLI(SLI)22:17:00 PM2:20:00 PM1864
MIRAJ JN(MRJ)22:55:00 PM3:00:00 PM1871
KOLHAPUR(KOP)24:20:00 PM Destination1918

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