unlimited calling plan drive stiff competition

Finally unlimited calling plan are here. We are all talkative, we always need unlimited calling plans and calling was so expensive in India. Thank for Reliance Jio who change the life of Indian telecom network.

Now unlimited calling plan in India is a reality but there are some stiff competition between Reliance Jio, Airtel, Idea, BSNL and Vodafone.

Why unlimited calling – Last year Reliance Jio launched unlimited calling over 4G LTE network at zo rental prices valid upto 31-Dec-2016. And again Reliance Jio please its subscriber by renew timelines up to 31-March-2017 by Happy New Year. Majority of mobile calling subscribers switch to 4G LTE and Joined Reliance Jio network.

So it become very difficult to remain highly competitive in telecom sector. And telecom network Airtel, Idea, BSNL and Vodafone start slashing calling rate and finally unlimited calling plans were launched.

What are unlimited calling plans in India?

As I seen in Ads on TV commercial, website, hoarding around me. This looks very attractive and cheap that unlimited calling plan are very cheap. But the reality is an another face to coin.

Good Advertiser design their ads that they artificially make you foolish. Unlimited calling are two type first is calling on same network and second is calling on different network.

Unlimited calling plan in India let me explained

Reliance Jio unlimited Calling Plans are free upto 31-Mar-2017 after this they will started charging you on billing period. Jio offer unlimited calling on 4G LTE netwok.

Airtel launched unlimited calling with RC 145 and RC 345 with data benefits.  Airtel RC 145 you can make local and std calls on Airtel network with 300 MB data on 4G network and 50 mb data on 3G network. RC 345 plan you can make unlimited calling at any network local and national 1G data on 4G network and 50 mb data on 3G network.  Airtel my plan Rs 799 you can enjoy unlimited calling on local and STD call, enjoy 2GB data, wynk music and wynk movies subscription.

Idea calling plan are look similar to airtel calling plan but are slightly difference. Idea unlimited calling plan RC 148 and RC 348 give unlimited calling on same network and another network respectively. RC 148 calling plan you make unlimited calling on Idea network in Local and STD calling 300 MB data on 4G handset. RC 348 gives you more chance to make unlimited calling on any network Idea to other Local and STD calling with 1 Gb data on 4G handset and 300 MB data on 3G handset.

Vodafone India also launched same calling plan in a different price slab on different state. Rs 149 and Rs 349.  RC 149 make you calling on Local and STd on vodafone network with 300 MB data benefit on 4G handset. RC 349 calling plan make you unlimited calling Local and STD vodafone to other with 1G data benfits to 4G handset and 300 MB data benefits on 3G handset. One additional benefits is roaming free network.

Finally what I saw

BSNL unlmited calling plan RC 149 is look attractive as unlimited calling Local and STD with 300 Mb data benefits to all handset. This similar to Reliance Jio prepaid starter plan. All other network plans look expensive but prepaid sim comes with benefits of non monthly billing. Whereas Reliance Jio prepaid calling plans are coming with 28 days of billing. So after 31-March-2017 there may be some changes possible in indian telecom sector.

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