whatsapp online new features

whatsapp online new features for all mobile phone users

whatsapp online new features – Worlds most popular instant messaging service whatsapp launched some new features for android, window and iPhone users.

Whatsapps is best known for instant messaging. Sometimes message can be send to wrong person or wrong language mistakely. Whatsapps introduce delete for everyone features for delete send message. But both sendor or receive must have latest WhatsApp updated otherwise this feature will not works.

Location sharing on WhatsApp has become easy. Now, you can share your location to person or group of choice. Just click on person chat go to update and click on insert. Now you can see location icon just click. This will work only if location is on.

Send files, PDF , spreadsheets and all documents is easy to person or group. As said earlier, click on icon, go to insert and check option of documents and send files of 100 MB limits.

Run WhatsApp on multiple window. This feature is available only for android Oreo users. This feature is known as pictures in picture. You can access WhatsApp using small window. Sending messaging or video call and other work can work contine with multi task.

Colour filter is one another feature that make any picture more vivid. Simply step take picture with camera or open gallery and swipe to lower edge of screen to add some colour to picture. And send updates.

All whatsapp online new features has been revealed.


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