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Adsense for blogger – You are about to cross the path

Hey Friends! You have listen a lot about adsense for blogger, so i am here to share some facts about this.

So before you get started you ask some question about you and your website.

  1. What is my website and its products?
  2. How will I get the most of articles?
  3. Which ways should I adopt to generate the traffic?
  4. What I offer to someone who search everything on search engine?
  5. What visitor’s do after reading my articles?

Before joining adsense for blogger you have to cross of internet marketing and Roads to success in internet marketing is not easy, before get started you need to decide whether you write or hire some freelence writer. If this path is clear you can go further.

Many persons give stress to write evergreen articles but this neither impossible nor easy to write an evergreen articles.

I have seen many people to write review products and get outrank in Google. Because a products launched ones stays in trends for atleast two to three years.

Getting a traffic is hard but not impossible however you need right guidence never buy traffic, neither do spammy link exchange. The best ways to increase traffic is legal partnership for traffic exchange, blog commenting, writing in forums and social media network. Email marketing campaign also deliver good result while running pay per click program.

These days many people like to make videos and recommend their links in description pages. And they got a lot easy traffic.

Adsense rate are different for every content, and always makes your focus on writing on an ecommerce article. I give an example so that you can understand clearly.

Once upon a time, there was clergymen and a tradional book seller in my town, they start selling their products.

Clergymen is selling some religious books for free to everyone and he has almost sell his all books but earn nothing.

But traditional book seller is charging amount for selling books and he sold fewer books as against clergyman however earn some bucks.

So you can understand and estimate the power of eCommerce article in blogging. Absolutely blogging is free, but if you provide information and makes some fun while writing and gives the path to online shopping, you can also make big bucks.

Many persons who join adense jut for making big money from adsense I want to warn them.. don’t join adsense if your goal is only money earning, you better join an affiliate program.

Earning potential in adsense depends on your content and visitor search history, you can better earn with referral marketing.

Adsense pay very little amount per click as compared to affiliate marketing but you can increase your earning potential by writing some good quality products for which big advertising are spending money on pay per click program.

Adsense and Google Ads are two company of same group first company Adsenes collect money from adwords and pays to publisher and second company charges advertiser to displaying advertisement on website, blog and apps.

So you must understand and write the correct article which is essential, and also gives a path to eCommerce, makes your blog for wider location.

Disclosure: This website displays some affiliate links which redirect you to advertisers. And I earn some money if you click and buy something. But don't worry, you don't have to pay excess money for this.

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