Impeachment and I

Impeachment and I – there is some thing interesting is going on

Impeachment is harsh and I have heard in the social media about this. More recently there are some sad stories of trump impeachment. 

So, I decide to write a story of Impeachment and I, which is actually a fiction story and does not belong to true trump impeachment. 

One day I sat at my chair and table and start thinking about writing, for this I pick up the pen and a paper and sum up some thoughts. I was lucky that I prepared the story and published it on Amazon.

However there are many stories are available on Amazon, but my stories are available exclusively only on amazon.

How to get this book on Amazon

First method – Search the ASIN No. B082Z7ZPGQ on Amazon

Second method – Search my book name “Impeachment and I: Story of Rising and Falling of Country President by #MeToo Movement” on Amazon

Third Method : Click on my link and read it on Online Link here

There are some more stories and books are available on Amazon.

There are many books on real life on American president history who face trail and force to step down from the post.

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