How to publish ebook free online

free guide how to publish ebook free online

There are many people who are interested in publish ebook free online’, for those people there are many resources which are open.

There are very step for launching your first ebook on amazon. Start writing manuscript first, Your manuscript will be unique, sufficient and make it as possible. I suggest you write only romance, horror, humor, fantasy stories. Because most people like to read them in pleasure.

Browse Amazon ebook creation page KDP.AMAZON.COM

To get started you need everything from pan, paper, office software , you have to become a professional journalist while writing.  I suggest you write a full story in short in a file, then divide them into chapters, and make separate files for every chapter if you want to write something big like Novella or novel.

This process takes a longer time however to write a short story you need not to divide your manuscript into different files. You can make it largest-ever as possible. 

Now find the best publisher which can make your book for a wider audience. Amazon and smashbook are one of them which assist you to publish ebooks. 

Amazon KDP accept many format i.e. doc, pdf, kdf, .mobi and .epub. This is better to use either kdf or .pub version for ebook only. To launch a paperback on Amazon you need to upload pdf file.

You need a book cover to launch your ebook or paperback. If you know digital painting head on to Canvas otherwise hire some freelance writer who designs book cover. Some covers are available free at ebook publishers like amazon but many writers use them so it is better to make ebook cover something unique.

After publishing amazon provides an ASIN no which makes it available the books globally. 

When publishing a paperback many people tend to get free ISBN from book publishers which limit their boundary to single publisher. Always buy an ISBN if you want to publish it at multiple publishers.

Popular books on ebook publishing on amazon.

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There are many stories available on Amazon, but my stories are available exclusively for free and you can read it any time you see my author profile.

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