Mustard seeds pickles

Mustard seeds pickles is one of the tastiest recipe every day.  Pickles are essential when you don’t like to eat with vegetables or daal. Mustard seeds pickles is a recipe that with naan or paratha in India. It is easy to make and takes one hour to prepare and needs  a bit of time to refrigerate before serving.

Ingredient :

  • One cup yellow mustard seeds
  • One cup rice wine vinegar
  • Three forth (3/4) cup water
  • Three forth (3/4) cup soya saucev Half cup (1/2) sugar
  • One teaspoon kaiser salt
  • Selery for garnishing
Mustard seeds pickle - complete guide on all ingredient and how to cook.
Mustard seeds pickle

How to cook:

Step one –  Mix all ingredient give above in a saucepan and place it on a stove.

Step two – Boil this for at least one hour at low heat until it become thick

Step three –  when it become thick, make it cold into airtight pot

Step four –  Put the pot into the refrigerator (Fridge) for chilling and serving. Serve this with naan or paratha an alternative to vegetables.

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